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Assistance to military medics

Timely provision of first and pre-medical medical aid saves the lives of the wounded, and timely evacuation from the battlefield prevents repeated injuries or death.

The Pan Fund purchased and converted a Volkswagen T5 4x4 vehicle for the medical evacuation of wounded from the battlefield.
The car underwent the necessary technical inspection and service. The interior of the minibus was converted to transport medical stretchers, personnel, or other cargo. Flashing beacons and a siren are installed. The Volkswagen T5 has a high cross-country ability, an appropriate level of protection, camouflage, and equipment necessary in combat conditions.

The car was placed at the disposal of the head of the medical post, defense battalion, military unit A3091, Roman Romanko, to ensure a high level of mobility and safety of medics during evacuation measures and to provide medical assistance.

Special thanks to Oleksandr Ostapchuk for properly preparing and converting the vehicle!