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Pan Fund joined in solving the problem of communication between units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In order to maintain a high level of combat readiness of the special forces of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Aleksandr Pan and Yaroslav Skoromny joined the training and handed over 50 Motorola professional radio stations to the A1225 military unit worth over UAH 1 million under the Special Forces 4.5.0 ".
"In the Ukrainian army, there is a problem of communication between different units, due to the lack of adequate radio stations and radio communications, which could be combined into one network. Our military uses a variety of equipment, but mostly uses Motorola radios, so it was decided to buy and hand over the best radios available on the market - Motorola DP4800 UHF.
They will provide proper communication, and also have the opportunity to connect to any channel, regardless of the model used by other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, "said Alexander Pan.
The Motorola MotoTRBO DP4800 UHF has a large display, data processing and messaging software.
It supports 1000 channels, despite the model that allows you to communicate with all units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Power output from 1 to 5 watts. A special advantage of the model is the intelligent audio system, which has the ability to adapt to noise and other interference.
We continue to help the army!