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We continue to provide our military with vehicles

While the Armed Forces of Ukraine heroically defend our land and tirelessly destroy the enemy, we must support them and provide for their needs.
The foundation's team responded to the request of the families of servicemen (Olga Trofimtseva) regarding the need to purchase an off-road vehicle for the 95th DSHV, 3rd company, 13th separate battalion, which is currently "moving the front line forward".
Understanding the need to provide vehicles, Andriy Shinkaruk and Pan Fund purchased and handed over a Mitsubishi L200 SUV to the servicemen to increase their mobility and fighting capacity.
The vehicle has undergone a full inspection and service. The car is completed with everything necessary, equipped with protective metal bumpers and a powerful winch. It has an appropriate level of protection that is necessary for combat operations.

Thanks to Alexander Ostapchuk for the proper preparation