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The details of the PAN FUND to raise funds to support the Ukrainian people and the army:
Account number: UA463204780000026005924878081
Account currency: 980 (UAH)
EDRPOU code: 42081363

In case of non-implementation of the project or in the presence of balances, the payer agrees that the amount of the donation is non-refundable.
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Реквізити для збору коштів на підтримку українського народу та армії:

Номер рахунку: UA463204780000026005924878081

Валюта рахунку: 980 (UAH)

Найменування банку: АБ «УКРГАЗБАНК»


Код ЄДРПОУ/ІНН: 42081363

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Pun Fund eng

The special forces were provided with winter and tactical equipment.

Recently, the charitable fund Pan Fund, within the framework of the initiated by the founder of the fund Oleksandr Pan project "Secure Special Forces 4.5.0," handed over sets of winter equipment and tactical equipment worth more than 18 million hryvnias to the special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine:

✔️150 курток тактичних на утеплювачі UF PRO Delta AcE Plus Gen.2.5 Jacket Multicam; 
✔️150 сорочок тактичних UF PRO Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Shirt Multicam;
✔️150 штанів тактичних UF PRO Striker-X Combat Pants Multicam; 
✔️150 черевиків тактичних VANEDA V-CLUTCH PRO DRY-TEX Coyte;  
✔️150 fleece M-TAC jackets;
✔️150 tactical gloves Mechanix M-Pact 3 Coyot;
✔️150 unloading belts;
✔️300 pairs of thermal socks;
✔️150 sleeping bags;
✔️150 ballistic helmets of the IIIA level of protection;
✔️150 AMP Communication Headset with PTT sets;
✔️150 backpacks with a Hydrator Camelbak B.F.M- Multicam;
✔️ 90 night vision devices PVS-14 NL2.

"Given the specifics and features of the tasks performed by special forces, it is important for us that they receive quality support. Modern ammunition, comfortable and tactical equipment must guarantee the safety and comfort of our soldiers in any conditions. Our main goal is to increase the combat efficiency of an individual soldier and the unit as a whole," Oleksandr Pan said.

The commander of the GUR unit group with the callsign "Titan" thanked the founder and the entire foundation team for their help and constant support. The assistance with winter gear and night vision equipment is  important right now, and thanks to the support, his unit has something that many other units don't. The security in high-quality equipment allows you to perform the assigned tasks while minimizing losses.

Friends and patrons of the fund - Andriy Shinkaruk, Yaroslav Skoromnyi - joined the project. We are working as a united front to preserve the defenders's lives and our victory!