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2 more electronic reconnaissance devices were handed over to the National Police unit to counter enemy UAVs Pan Fund, together with Yaroslav Skoromny and Oleksandr Gonchar, purchased and handed over

War changes under technology, innovation, and new tactics.
New challenges need appropriate solutions.

Enemy drones pose a growing threat, and soldiers see the need to use specialized stations which detect, locate, and stop them.

Taking into account the needs of our military, the Pan Fund Charitable Fund, together with FC YASKO, Yaroslav Skoromny, and Oleksandr Gonchar, purchased and handed over two more Ukrainian-made KVERTUS MS AZIMUTH electronic reconnaissance devices to the Aviation Support Center of the National Police of Ukraine.

Specialists of the domestic company KVERTUS have developed a drone detection system that provides constant control over radiofrequency radiation and analyzes their parameters for effective drone detection. Identifies sources of radiation and monitors their activity. It also provides documentation of discovered data and work results.