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The Pan Fund donated off-road vehicle Mitsubishi L200, quadcopter DJI Inspire 2 and 20 Baofeng radio stations to the Artillery intelligence

In modern conditions of war, artillery intelligence plays a very important role in the efficiency and potency of our army. These units detect and capture enemy targets at a great distance, adjust artillery fire and tactical missile strikes.

But for the effectiveness of the intelligence they need mobility and high-tech equipment. That is why the Charity Fund Pan Fund together with Andriy Shynkaruk and Boyko Oleksiy Romanovich have bought and handed over to the military unit A4007 a powerful off-road Mitsubishi L200, a quadcopter DJI Inspire 2 for the air reconnaissance and 20 Baofeng radio stations.

All equipment will be used by the Artillery intelligence unit of 110th Separate mobile reconnaissance battalion.

We wish our military new successful victories, and continue to strengthen our army!