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The year of indomitability

On February 24, 2022, the life of every Ukrainian changed forever. It was a year of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian nation to the Russian military invasion. Since then, our country has experienced many tragic events. We have suffered loss, pain, and despair but have not given up.

The Ukrainian people demonstrate unity, cohesion, and a desire for victory. Our courage and dedication inspire the entire civilized world, which has united in helping to defend the values of freedom and democracy.

We are working for a common goal; each is doing his best.
During the war, the Pan Fund charitable fund invested over 107 million UAH in the needs of the Ukrainian people and the army. Over 230 tons of humanitarian aid were shipped.

The fierce war continues, and our Foundation continues to help soldiers, refugees, adults and children, and everyone who needs our care in this challenging time.

With respect and gratitude, we remember everyone who gave their lives to Ukraine and their relatives and loved ones.
We trust and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine! How quickly our strong and independent Ukraine will be rebuilt depends on each of us in this challenging time. Let's go to victory together!