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Pan Fund has strengthened our fighters with a powerful SUV!

Our service members have been courageously defending Ukraine for a year, and we continue to help and, if possible, provide for all their needs.

The front line currently consists of the hottest spots where our military needs urgent help. SUVs and pickup trucks are much needed on the front lines for the transportation of personnel and the prompt and efficient execution of essential tasks on the front line.

The Pan Fund Charitable Fund purchased and handed over a Mitsubishi L200 SUV to the soldiers of the 14th Anti-Tank Battery of the Kalina Offensive Assault Brigade of the NGU.

This robust and reliable heavy-duty machine meets all the requirements for particular tasks. It has high permeability, appropriate protection, and camouflage, which is needed in combat operations.

Special thanks to Oleksandr Ostapchuk for the proper preparation of the vehicle.
We are continuing to strengthen our army! Together to the Victory!