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We continue to work hard and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Pan Fund team, with the support of the Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in the Vinnytsia region Ihor Skoromnogo, Kapelāns Elmārs Pļaviņš, Laura Skrodele and her charity fund Uzeņemi Mieram handed over a Mercedes Benz car to the particular unit "ARTAN" of the GUR MO E300.

The vehicle has been serviced at a HAVAL service station and is ready to perform official tasks.

The fighters of this unit visited the "hottest spots" of this war and were involved in the most challenging battles and special operations.
They already have dozens of successful and complex operations to their credit. They are on guard to protect our Motherland every day, ready to fight until their last breath.

We work as a united front for our Victory