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We continue to provide our defenders with equipment

Our soldiers stand in defense of Ukraine every day! Likewise, we continue to provide our defenders with equipment unceasingly. Today, the Pan Fund charity fund team handed over to the needs of the military unit A4576/41211 two cars - a Nissan Navara and a Renault Trafic, and a drone for reconnaissance and fire control. After all, the mobility of the army is a guarantee not only of the successful completion of tasks but also of saving the lives of our soldiers.

The cars have undergone a complete technical inspection and service at the HAVAL car center and are ready for use in combat conditions.

We express our thanks to all our friends and partners, the Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine, and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in the Vinnytsia region Igor Skoromny, Kapelāns Elmārs Pļaviņš, Laura Skrodele and her charity fund Uzēmēsi Mieram for helping our fighters!

We are working on continuing to strengthen our military and doing everything we can to keep our warriors safe and technologically ahead of the enemy!