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The Pan Fund was handed over to the fighters of the Aviation Support Center of the NPU of the KVERTUS MS AZIMUTH Station

The current war has already become a war of technology.

Ukraine can defeat an enemy outnumbered only through unity, inventions, and innovations.

The Pan Fund Charitable Foundation purchased and handed over 2 KVERTUS MS AZIMUTH electronic intelligence devices to the Aviation Support Center of the National Police of Ukraine.

Our defenders point out that the number of drones the enemy uses only increases and already poses a serious threat. Building up and improving electronic warfare and intelligence capabilities is necessary to counter enemy drones effectively during attacks. They are required to save the lives of our soldiers and the civilian population.

KVERTUS MS AZIMUTH stations are the Ukrainian solution against enemy UAVs. Specialists of the domestic company KVERTUS have developed a drone detection system that provides constant control over radiofrequency radiation and analyzes their parameters for effective drone detection. Identifies sources of radiation and monitors their activity. It also includes documentation of discovered data and work results.

The maximum detection range is 10 km.

Deployment/collapse time – 5 min.

We believe in our defense forces and do everything to support them 🤝 ⚔️🛡️💪

Together - we will win!