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The Charity Fund Pan Fund transferred 10 units of autonomous power supply to the motorized infantry battalion

The Charity Fund Pan Fund, due to military request, has developed and transferred 10 units of autonomous power supply of 12V "Nonstop energy" to the 9 separate motorized infantry battalion.
Devices are intended for charging electronic gadgets such as: smartphones, tablets, power banks, tactical lights, batteries, etc. These devices will help our fighters to be more self-contained in the places of service.
These autonomous power supplies are designed by one of the companies of the Pan Fund structure. It’s conveniently used in locations with none of electricity, and there is a great need for an additional power supply for charging gadgets and temporary lighting. When it’s fully charged, the device can provide electricity from 3 to 7 days, depending on the number of connected consumers.
To charge the internal battery, simply plug it into the 220V power supply for 8-10 hours.