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Report of the Kyiv Humanitarian Headquarters Pan Fund for May

Three months have passed since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. From its earliest days, the Kyiv headquarters, Our Kyiv of the Pan Fund Charitable Foundation, has been providing humanitarian aid to those who need it most: children, retirees, and those living near hotspots. We are grateful to our partners for their help, including:
✔️ Milk Alliance - 5,000 milk packages;
✔️ Halychyna - 4,800 milk packages;
✔️ AXA Club - 1 ton of snacks, including granola in sachets, granola in packs, bread, and balls;
✔️ Family sausage - 200 kilograms of sausages and 200 kilograms of bread;
✔️ OKKO - coupons for 100 liters of diesel fuel;
✔️ Vienna Mission for Ukraine - goods to help the population of unoccupied regions.

Together with our partners from Agro-Yug-Service, we organized a kitchen in the Kyiv region. In addition, we made targeted deliveries of products and necessities to villages in the Donetsk region (with the support of Oriflame) and helped children with disabilities from the Kyiv region.
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