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Syndicate, "Our Kyiv" and Pan Fund release a collection of T-shirts with children's drawings

The Ukrainian brand Syndicate  with "Our Kyiv" and the charitable foundation Pan Fund is releasing a charitable collection of T-shirts with children's drawings dedicated to the war in Ukraine.

In the "Children and War" contest, we collected children's drawings about the war, and then the incredible Syndicate turned some of them into T-shirt prints. The collection will be released next week. All proceeds from the sale of T-shirts will be donated to the Tabletochki Charitable Foundation to help children.

Children are the most sensitive to war but often cannot express their feelings and experiences in words. But all this can be seen in the images of airplanes, their home, favorite dog, or the military. And in these seemingly naive drawings, there is a lot of love and faith in Ukraine. And each of these drawings has its own story.

Margarita, 8 years old 
Margarita is currently attending school in the Netherlands. Once a teacher gave the children a task to draw Ukraine to depict how they feel. The girl drew symbols of her country and a big planet with Ukraine in the middle. The borders are somewhat different from the real ones, but Ukraine is now in the heart of every person in the world. Margarita believes the peace will be in her homeland again, all people will return home, and the whole world will help rebuild Ukraine, and then visit here and learn more about Ukrainians.

Michael, 11 years old
Eleven years old Mykhailo created this drawing. The guy is fond of football and Minecraft, and likes to draw. His mother, Vera, a teacher of English and drawing, taught him to draw. Mikhail admits that during the full-scale war, he lacked the most communication with friends who left around the world. The boy believes in the happy future of Ukraine, so he painted a sunflower as a symbol of our state.

Ilya, 10 years old
The author of this picture is ten-year-old Ilya. He recently graduated from the fifth grade, loves mathematics and nature, attends the wrestling section, and participates actively in various competitions. In the picture, the boy depicts his family: father Yosyp, mother Natalia, older brother Olezhik and himself - Ilchik. That's what his family calls him at home. Ilya  believes in the victory of Ukraine, so he left an inscription on the picture: "Ukraine is united."

Nicka, 7 years old
This picture shows a dog named Pluto - a favorite toy of seven-year-old Nicky, who was forced to leave home with her family due to the war and go abroad. The girl loves to draw. A few months before February 24, she began to attend art school. Leaving home, Nicka managed to take with her beloved Pluto and now does not part with the dog for a moment. The girl considers the dog a real hero because he has overcome such a long way with his family.

Proceeds from the T-shirts sale will be donated to the charity fund Tabletochki to help children.