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The Pan Fund donated a Toyota RAV 4 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Charity Fund Pan Fund has bought and handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine a car Toyota RAV 4. The car has previously passed a full technical inspection and service at the HAVAL service station, which is located in the Strizava township. This is also where the Vinnitsa headquarters of humanitarian aid of the Charity Fund Pan Fund works.

The transport vehicle was received by the Commissioner of Khmilnitsky district territorial center of manning and social support of Vinnitsa region, Lieutenant Colonel Okhrimenko Andrey Petrovich.

"Our goal is to increase the mobility of our military enlisted so that they can fulfill their operational tasks. We hope that this car will improve the capabilities of our army to perform their service duties. "
— Oleksandr Pan, founder of The Charity Fund Pan Fund