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We continue to help displaced people in Khmilnyk!

A new consignment of humanitarian aid from Pan Fund is on its way! We have just sent humanitarian aid to the IDPs who have taken refuge in OTG Khmilnyk. In a wonderful picturesque town you can finally relax and forget the horrors of war. We called on people to help and thank everyone who responded!

Our guys brought in trucks and unloaded huge packages - gifts for displaced persons. In particular, now people affected by the war will receive plenty of essential food: 2,500 pieces of oatmeal, 230 packs of pasta, as well as rice, peas, wheat groats. For the kids, we provided baby food in a mixture - 350 packages, as well as a jar of fruit puree - 2400 b. And for a good mood - cookies (1930 packs) and tea (240 packs)!

Join the good cause! Together we are a force!