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They handed over 15 photo traps for the Border Guards

Pan Fund Charitable Foundation, together with FC YASKO, Yaroslav Skoromny, and Oleksandr Gonchar, purchased and handed over 15 modern BRAUN Scouting Cam Black1320 WiFi Solar 4K DS photo traps to the special forces of the 31st Border Detachment named after Corporal General Oleksandr Pylkevych of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

Units of this detachment guard an area with a total length of 404.7 kilometers and ensure proper control of persons, vehicles, and goods at 11 international, one interstate, and three local checkpoints.

This large area needs constant and effective control. Using camera traps allows for constant area monitoring without needing constant physical presence along the entire length.

Motion-tracking cameras are reliable and effective for monitoring remote or hard-to-reach places. Due to their high-tech nature, they can automatically detect motion and capture images of objects in real time under all natural conditions.