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The charitable foundation "Pan Fund" has completed the "Equipped special forces 4.5.0" project.

On the eve of the New Year, the team of the Pan Fund charitable foundation handed over equipment worth more than 13.5 million hryvnias to special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine:

✔️150 Collimator sights EOTECH EXPS3-0
✔️150 EOTECH Magnifier G33 3X magnifiers;
✔️150 MAGPUL ZHUKOV-S STOK examples for AK47/74;
✔️150 F.A.B pistol grips for AK47/74;
✔️150 Receiver covers F.A.B for AK47/74;
✔️150 Ballistic Glasses ESS, Bolley, EAR99;
✔️150 sets of thermal compression underwear (bottom and top);
✔️150 Plate carriers Mag Pouch with pouches;

The commander of the GUR particular unit group with the callsign "Titan" congratulated the coming new year and thanked Oleksandr Pan and the entire foundation team for their help and constant support. He noted that now the special forces are retreating in the hot spots, and the equipment that was transferred earlier, namely, night vision devices, saved the fighters' lives and helped a lot in the performance of combat missions.

Since the beginning of hostilities, Oleksandr Pan initiated the ambitious project "Equipped special forces 4.5.0", which became the "flagship" of our foundation.

"Understanding the specificity and importance of the tasks performed by the special forces of the GUR, we directed all our efforts to provide them with the highest quality equipment and equipment. Today we completed this project and helped increase the efficiency of our fighters. However, our work continues; we will provide for the Armed Forces until the complete victory of Ukraine!" - noted Oleksandr Pan.

The main goal of the "Equipped Special Forces 4.5.0" project was to increase the combat efficiency of both individual soldiers and the special forces unit of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine as a whole. As part of the project, modern ammunition, comfortable, and tactical equipment with more than 33.7 million hryvnias were transferred.

We are grateful to the foundation's team, partners, and friends who joined the project to save the defenders' lives and bring our victory closer!