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They handed over 2 cars to the military in the Kupyansky direction of defense

The front line currently consists of the hottest points where urgent help is needed for our military.
Near the city of Kupyansk, on the border with the Luhansk region, the enemy has concentrated tens of thousands of Russian soldiers who are trying to advance on some regions of the front. There are constant attacks in this direction. The enemy is pressing, trying to push through our defenses, and of course, they are not succeeding.

Our military needs support and provision for the successful execution of combat missions. Cars remain an urgent issue.

Understanding this, the Pan Fund charity fund, with the support of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in the Vinnytsia region, Ihor Skoromny, as well as our friends and partners, Kapelāns Elmārs Pļaviņš, Laura Skrodele and her charity fund Uzeņemi Mieram donated Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo cars for the needs of the soldiers of the ZSU 32- OMBR military unit A4784 in the city of Kup'yansk.

Due to the specifics of the further use of vehicles, a full technical inspection was carried out at the HAVAL car center, and a good condition for further use was ensured.