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High-tech equipment was handed over to the fighters of the "Lyut" brigade

Inquiries, searches, delivery, logistics... we work tirelessly. Every day, we make even more efforts to help in various directions.

On December 21, the "Pan Fund" team handed over high-tech equipment to the Special Purpose Police Department "United Assault Brigade of the National Police of Ukraine "Lyut."

In particular, special officers received:

☑️Monitors 2 pcs.

☑️ Thermal imaging sights 4 pcs.

☑️ DJI Mavic 3 quadcopters 12 pcs.

☑️ Accumulator batteries 6s2p for FPV drones - 46 pcs.

"Lyut" is a paramilitary police unit of a new model. Fighters are strong-willed and motivated warriors, ready to defend Ukraine and destroy the enemy on all fronts.

This technique expands the possibilities of combat operations, allowing you to maneuver confidently in limited visibility conditions. It will help special forces determine the location of enemy forces and confront them with greater accuracy.

We hope this will increase combat operations' effectiveness, help achieve strategic goals, and save lives!

Together to victory!